Madre Güell - Quienes somos

Family and cohabitation environment

We are a large family, a community made up of sisters of the Congregation of Missionary Daughters of the Heart of Mary and young residents from various parts of Catalonia and Spain, as well as from other countries in Europe and other continents.

The young women, aged between 15 and 25, are students of university degrees, technical training, masters, etc. who find in Madre Güell a space of coexistence and comfort that favours their academic performance.

«The combination of comfort and warmth gives me peace of mind for my daughter. Here you breathe human warmth and respect.»

mother of student, New York

«It is a quiet place to study, with a family atmosphere and very comfortable rooms.»

21, medicine student

«Very familiar and very good atmosphere with the girls.»

19, medicine student, Jerez

«Everyone is really nice here at Madre Güell»

20, western NY

The Congregation

Madre Güell is a women’s university residence hall, managed by the Congregation of Missionary Daughters of the Heart of Mary, founded by Mother Maria Güell in 1899 in Cervera (Lleida).

In the Congregation we live the Gospel by exercising Christian charity in educational centres, residences for young people, hospitals, etc. in various European locations (Spain, Italy and Portugal) and in South America (Brazil and Peru).

Our mission at the Madre Güell Residence Hall is to create a space for cohabitation, as a key element in the comprehensive training of the residents who study in Barcelona. In this way we accompany them in their personal growth, respecting their beliefs, helping them to grow as people in a world that we want to be characterised by dialogue, respect and recognition of others and their beliefs without renouncing our own.

Our chapel is a meeting place for prayer and mass, where we also celebrate Christmas, Easter and other important dates, always respecting the freedom and beliefs of each resident.

Madre Güell - Quienes somos